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Once a month — and ONLY to this list — I share the strategies I’m using right now to build hard-to-get links for demanding clients, and the process you can use to apply them youself.

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“The most adept link builder I’ve ever met...”

Jon is one of very few people that I look to for new ideas in link building. His creativity is only exceeded by his process, and it’s the best in the industry.

Jon still does all the prospecting for his clients, and it shows when you speak to him. I’ve never had a conversation with him that didn’t end in me learning something I’d have happily paid for.”

Nick Eubanks, CEO, I’mFromTheFuture & Partner, TrafficThinkTank.com

If you’re hitting a wall trying to build quality links...
Struggling to improve your rankings and traffic...
Or just want to stay ahead of the “me-too” marketers...

This will be your favorite email every month.

Since 2009, my entire livelihood has depended on being able to build editorial links that drive rankings.

Every day, my team and I need to go and get relevent, authoritative links for clients… or our lights won’t stay on. It’s build-or die.

“Link Builder’s List” is my private monthly newsletter that brings you actionable link building tactics, proven strategies, and real case studies torn straight out my personal playbook.

Staff I don’t share publicly that we can use to charge $400 to $500/link for (and clients don’t even flinch.)

You’ll see what’s working… how I’m building links in different niches… the tactics we’ve tested… the processes I use to scale up… and how to make it all work for your business.

Every email is designed to help you add powerful, relevant links to your backlink profile by this time next month.

Here’s what to expect

Once a month, you’ll get an email from me that is 100% focused on link building. I’ll cover topics like..

  • How to find untapped link sources and get there first
  • How to scale up your link building without compromising quality
  • Which underrated tactics are driving outsized returns (and how to capitalize)
  • How to get better placement and response rates from outreach
  • Why brainstorming link ideas is a waste of time (and what to do instead)
  • Strategies we’ve tested, refined, and what we’re trying next

And more, in complete, unfiltered details.

I can’t promise you specific results. But short of building links FOR you, this is the next best thing.

And while not every tactic or strategy will be appropriate for your business, at just $10/month, you only need to net ONE high-authority link this year to have paid for your subscription several times over.

What people are saying...

"Quite simply, Jon Cooper gets links!"

I’ve seen Jon and his team deliver quality links like clockwork in some of the most competitive verticals there are.

Matt Gratt, Growth Director, Wikibuy

“Jon Cooper makes us look good...”

When it comes to link building - Jon Cooper is a monster. He tops the listof link builders because he’s smart, creative, quick on his feet... and his experience is unmatched. We’ve collaborated on several high-profile projects, and his team has always delivered high quality work, on time, without fail. And the best part is our clients see results!

Corey Eulas, Founder, Factorial Digital

“Jon sees links where others see impossibility...”

Jon has provided valuable business advise and linking strategies for my brand on multiple occasions. He has a unique ability to see link opportunities where others see impossibility. Imagine a perfect blend of PR, business development, and link building - that is precisely what you get with Jon Cooper.

David Angotti, CEO & Co-Founder, SmokyMountains.com

“Jon is the only link-builder I rely on...”

It's not just because he's really good at what he does. It's because he'll tell me when he can't build links. In a business famous for smoke, Jon is fire.

AJ Kohn, Owner, Blindfiveyearold.com

The Link Builder’s List is perfect for you if...

You’re a business owner, SEO, or marketer who wants proven advice.

You should have some basic hands-on experience. If you’re willing to invest the time and have basic tools, you’ll get value out of what I share.

You need to build Google-approved links.

Everything I share revolves around building editorial links for real clients with real constraints and challenges. No spam. No sketchy stuff.

You don’t have hours to waste reading fluffy BS.

If you enjoy reading through hundreds of recycled ideas written by junior marketers who’s never built a link in their lives, you do you.

You should NOT join the Link Builder’s List

You’re a Black Hat SEO looking for new hacks and loopholes.

I’ve got nothin’ for you. Everything I share comes out of my experience building editorial links that would pass the strictest Googler’s sniff test: no link wheels, paid spam, etc.

You’re an impatient quitter.

This list is for gritty marketers who stick with it, not drooling idiots who give up when something doesn’t work immediately and bounce from shiny object to shiny object.

You want a magic formula that takes no effort, delivers every time, and works in every niche.

That doesn’t exist. Only a liar or a scam artist would promise it to you. I’m neither.

You work in poker, pills, or... well, you know.

Being quite honest, it’s incredibly tough to build legitimate links in those niches, and I doubt the tips I share regularly will help you in most cases.

You can’t keep a secret.

This list is private for a reason: the more people who use a tactic, the faster it stops working. I don’t want every hack out there having what I’m sharing. Blabbermouths need not apply.

About Jon Cooper

Jon Cooper

I’ve been building links since 2009 for clients ranging from companies trying to rank locally to VC-backed startups and Fortune 500’s across dozens of niches.

I’ve seen the rise of Penguin and watched link building go from center stage to SEO’s red-headed stepchild.

But smart SEOs agree: links are still critical. And while others shy away from the hard work of link building, I thrive on it. I built a 16+ person agency based in Gainesville, Florida that does nothing but build quality links.

We deliver over 1,000 editorial, relevant, and authoritative links to our clients every single year – and we’re just getting started.

I’ve spoken at State of Search Dallas, SMX Sydney, and more.